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1958 US

1958 US

The recession of 1958, also known as the eisenhower recession, was a sharp worldwide economic downturn in 1958. The effect of the recession spread beyond united states borders to europe and canada, causing many businesses to shut down.

The 1958 united states elections were held on november 4, 1958, and elected members of the 86th united states congress. The election took place in the middle of republican president dwight d. They lost 48 seats to the democratic party in the house of representatives, and also lost thirteen seats in the u.

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July 3 1958 usuk mutual defence agreement signed in washington, d. July 5 gasherbrum i, the 11th highest mountain in the world, is first ascended. The first international house of pancakes opens in toluca lake, los angeles.

Source to date, the british government has also declined to provide non-governmental organisations with an official version of the current text of the 1958 agreement, as amended.

The 1958 united states house of representatives elections was an election for the united states house of representatives in 1958 which occurred in the middle of dwight eisenhowers second term. The economy was suffering the recession of 1958, which democrats blamed on eisenhower. The presidents republican party lost 48 seats in this midterm election, increasing the democratic partys majority.