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An Employer Of Choice

An Employer Of Choice

An Employer Of Choice

  employer of choice is a term used to indicate that the organization has extraordinary work environment, many applicants are willing to work for the employer and the employers best talented employees are willing to stay with the employer, and the attrition rate remains low.

  the people within your organisation who love working there are your biggest brand ambassadors and are the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to positioning you as an employer of choice.

By evidencing to your senior management team exactly what can be achieved by aligning your people, processes and technology to become an employer of choice, hr is in an ideal position to bring about real change to the employee experience both now and for many years to come.

How to Position Your Company as an Employer of Choice ...

  positioning yourself as an employer of choice is the best way to gain a competitive hiring edge, but that isnt its only advantage why become an employer of choice? When qualified candidates are so hard to come by, it makes sense to hold onto the top performers you already have. In recognition of this, uk businesses are planning to focus more on retention.

  by definition, what makes a company an employer of choice is its ability to attract and retain the best candidates with a desirable company culture, leadership style, and employee engagement.

  what are some of the top things you should be thinking about now to best position yourselves as an employer of choice? What was good enough is no longer enough what do employers need to change? As always- no sales pitches.

The concept of employer branding has become prominent in recent years. Our 2007 report employer branding the latest fad or the future of hr? (available to cipd members in our hr and l&d archive database) identified four main reasons for this brand power, credibility, employee engagement and the prevailing labour market conditions.

How to be an employer of choice in an increasingly ...

In plain terms, being an employer of choice means establishing a business that is a great place to work. If companies dont genuinely act to become an employer of choice then good employees will simply vote with their feet and move to a forward thinking employer who offers them what they want.