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Best As I

Best As I

As best as i can tell, there are two plausible explanations, both of which could be true to some extent. As best as i can tell, a team from tiny american bantam car company designed the original jeep.

I want to do it as best as i can and thats me as a human being speaking, not me as trimble speaking.

  i felt as best as i felt so far in the tournament tonight, he told the media after his win. European central bank president christine lagarde said her biggest f. Ear isnt that the eu will accumulate a mountain of debt, but that governments could brutally withdraw job guarantees and income support before the time is right.

'I want to do it as best as I can and that's me as a human .

  anonymous in this instance as best i could is just a common phrase people use. While there may be an element of truth in what you say, i think youre missing the point. With the pattern as x as, you cant have x in the superlative (-est) form.

I personally dont see a distinctiom between as best i can and the best i can used in the context of everyday speech. After reading posts off the link provided by javanoobs, 3 of the members from that site came to the conclusion that as best can be used as an idiom whose usage as such is well established by merriam-websters dictionary of english usage.

Best As I

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