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E Chat Is

E Chat Is

The website is providing free service for their users and you dont need to register to e-chat for using their services. All you need to do is picking a nickname for yourself and pass the recaptcha test at the beginning of the website.

Due to the abuse on the website we have been forced (by extenal forces) to suspend our service. In order to resume e-chat we have to strengthen our security. Unfortunately this means forcing an email-verified registration, adding more administrators, moderators and such. The alternative is to shut the website down forever, and this is never.

It is a chatting site where people can connect with different people worldwide. If you are friendly and dont mind talking to strangers, e-chat will work perfectly for you.

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  e-chat is a free chat website, where people talk online with each other on various topics.

E-chat is (or was, prior to september 29th 2020 depending on the changes to the security system they may make) one of the only free online chat rooms that doesnt require an email verification. In november 2017 i was trapped in an emotionally and sometimes physically abusive family and i was inches away from succeeding in committing suicide, and i desperately needed somebody to talk to on the.

EChat Online Free Chat Rooms For Everyone

So, meet daily new peoples on our chatrooms and make fun with your buddies. Once you create a chatroom then you can start a free video chat and text chat on your device.

Hi im sorry to say if echat carnt inform us abouts what happing there not coming back hope im wrong but they said theyed update us still the same thing up do they give a dam. Any other information youve about the site opening, please share it with us khadi.

E-chat is a free website where anyone can register and use the chat site to its full potential. The e-chat chatbox is an embeddable chat window for your website. Please note that you may embed your own chatroom provided youve already created one.