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Futuristic adjective (time) relating to the future, or very modern or advanced her latest novel is a futuristic thriller, set in the twenty-first century.

On december 13, 2015, futuristic released a remix to the song, blasé, with new york singer and rapper.

In september 2010, futuristic released his first music video which was a remix to.


On september 24, 2020, futuristic released his tenth studio album titled, featuristic.

The futuristic movement also influenced the concept of dance. Indeed, dancing was interpreted as an alternative way of expressing mans ultimate fusion with the machine. The altitude of a flying plane, the power of a cars motor and the roaring loud sounds of complex machinery were all signs of mans intelligence and excellence which the art of dance had to emphasize and praise.

Futuristic definition, of or relating to the future a futuristic view of the world.

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Of, characterized by, or expressing a vision of the future futuristic decor. Being ahead of the times innovative or revolutionary futuristic computer software.

On august 26, 2016, futuristic released his fifth studio album titled, as seen on the internet.

Adjective something that is futuristic looks or seems very modern and unusual, like something from the future.