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Here Techn

Here technologies (trading as here) is a netherlands-based company that provides mapping and location data and related services to individuals and companies. It is majority-owned by a consortium of german automotive companies (namely audi, bmw, and daimler), whilst other companies also own minority stakes.


Here Techn

Here maps are used by millions worldwide through mobile apps, social networks.

Here works globally with offices across america, asia pacific, europe, the middle east and africa.

Here road signs provides fresh access to real-time traffic signage information to.

Here Techn

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Here live sense sdk an ai-powered sdk that transforms camera-enabled devices.

Have a question or query you need answered? Contact here directly for.

Here Techn

Welcome to here, where rich location data, intelligent products and powerful tools come together to drive your business forward.

Over the last 10 years, we have consulted, designed and developed 100 digital products for startups, small-medium companies and enterprises. Our award-winning products are now used by millions of consumers.

Email addresses used in the talent acquisition process will end with.

Design innovative indoor mapping solutions with here indoor map.