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If You Are

If You Are

  a financial times reader has nailed it with their response to theresa may condemning people who identify as citizens of the world.

Note dates are approximate and there is some overlap because there are no standard definitions for when a generation begins and ends.

Feeling stressed, anxious, low or struggling to sleep? Every mind matters and one you can help with expert advice and practical tips.

Finding out you're pregnant NHS

Find out how much your pension fund is likely to total using our pension calculator. We also help you to start to think about what you might do with your pension fund when you retire.

  chinese new year falls on february 12 this year, heralding the year of the ox. The lunar new year isnt just celebrated in china either, with countries across the world marking the date too.

  watch videos from super simple in the super simple app for ios! Httpapple.

If you are pregnant and catch the flu virus, you are at an increased risk of complications and flu-related hospital admissions. Talk to a gp or midwife if youre unsure about which vaccinations you should have. You may also find the information from sex wise about being pregnant and not knowing what to do is helpful in explaining.

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  check what you need to do when travelling abroad if you are disabled step 2 get your passport ready you need to have at least 6 months left on an adult or child passport to.

Are you the parent or partner of someone applying for student finance? While at university or college, your child or partner will have two main costs tuition fees.

You must tell the office that pays your benefit as soon as possible if you go into hospital for one night or longer go into a care home or rehabilitation centre for one night or longer.