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Muslim Mersburgh

The king james version is a translation named after king james i of england who commissioned the new english bible translation in 1604 a. King james authorized the new translation to be read in churches in england and beyond after it was first published in 1611 a.

This, the cultural tendency for muslims to hide their sins, because of islam and the external honor is more important than internal change and humility and confession of sins is something i have noticed in 27 years of dealing with muslims in evangelism, church planting, and.

Darlene in the combox asked some good questions about islam that are very common in these days.


The following article puts in perspective the reality of christianitys impact and christian crusades. The core and underlying belief of christianity that one can rely on sacrificing an animal or a good-guy or man-god and that the killing of some other being through sacrifice, saves your soul, is one of the most dangerous, primitive and absurd belief systems.

In my opinion, one of the most effective passages in the bible to begin with when in evangelism with muslims, is mark 71-23.

Bad witness praying to and bowing down to mary someone recently called into the dividing line pod-cast program (dr.).