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Practice prkts s2 w1 noun 1 a skill countable, uncountable when you do a particular thing, often regularly, in order to improve your skill at it it takes hours of practice to learn to play the guitar. With a little more practice you should be able to pass your test.

A way of doing something that is normal or customary uncountable office practice.

A usual or customary action or proceeding it was his practice to rise at six he made a practice of stealing stamps repetition or exercise of an activity in order to achieve mastery and fluency the condition of having mastery of a skill or activity through repetition (esp in the phrases in practice, out of practice).

Practice definition of practice by The Free Dictionary


Used to describe what really happens as opposed to what you think will happen in a particular situation it seemed like a good idea before we started, but in practice it was a disaster.

Care should be taken with the use of the words practice and practise as there are differences in british and us usage. Practice is the correct spelling for the noun in both british and us english and it is also the spelling of the verb in us english.