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Techne Gr

Î), which leaves its fault-lines in the ruin of paper, and skin, to cannibalise the myths of beauty and truth. In the process, the subject becomes indistinguishable from its torn parts. Artaud s drawings present an image of the mind on a plane of immanence, as a surface of disconnected, sutured thoughts, rendered.

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Techne Gr

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Techne is a term, etymologically derived from the greek word (anc, ell-techni. Ogg), that is often translated as craftsmanship, craft, or art.

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Techne Gr

Techne) the set of principles, or rational method, involved in the production of an object or the accomplishment of an end the knowledge of such principles or method art. Techne resembles episteme in implying knowledge of principles, but differs in that its aim is making or doing, not disinterested understanding.

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