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The 1997 K

The 1997 K

The 1997 united kingdom general election was held on the incumbent governing conservative party led by prime minister john major was defeated in a landslide by the labour party led by tony blair. The political backdrop of campaigning focused on public opinion towards a change in government.

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The 1997 K

John major left it until the last possible minute before calling the 1997 election, in the hope that the feel-good factor that accompanies economic prosperity would turn around tory fortunes in the polls.

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The 1997 K

The 1997 k-1 braves event was significant for several things. One of them was the debut of stefan leko, a young kickboxing champion from germany. Another significant event was the return of ray sefo to the k-1 ring where he knocked out the french cyborg jerome le banner with a crushing right hook dubbed the boomerang hook.