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The Above

Military surveillance balloon floats on a tether high above kabul, afghanistan. Its capacities are both highly classified and deeply mysterious. Interview with kirsten johnson, director of the above eric hynes read now.

Now im unsure whether the to the above part is an artifact of translating the original dutch phrase too literally, or just fine in english. Any advice on using in addition and in addition to the above properly would be appreciated.

  the above definition something that is above or previously mentioned meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

All of the above or All the above? TextRanch

All the above adverse reactions were reported in opioid nave volunteers administered with rapinyl. They are used in order to connect tubes or pipes with each other in all the above applications. All the above highlights the need to enhance the political framework, which up to now has been rather defensive and based on a protectionist reasoning, adopting measures which were necessary though.

The above august 4, 2017 if you havent already (and why the hell not, exactly?), today is a perfect opportunity to grab some of our music and support a good cause.

The above definition is - something that is mentioned at an earlier point in the same document.

Overhead, upstairs, or in the sky my brother lives in the apartment above.

[Grammar] all the above + is or are? UsingEnglish.com

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Used for talking about position and height if something is higher than something else, you can say that the first thing is above or over the second thing.

  above-named definition used in a text to refer back to a person or thing that has already been named meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.