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The Appreh

The Appreh

He brought the matter to the appreh ensive authorities, who was able to take. His cheerful and friendly nature and positi ve attitude has earned his s pecial. Place among his group and has been awarded as the m ost friendly person. For his four years of stay in y our formal and informal gatherings. His compassionate and kind nature came out i n a very prepared.

Appreh Meaning In Urdu Appreh Definition English To Urdu

Similar words of appreh are also commonly used in daily talk like as apprehension, apprehensiveness and apprehensible.

What kindled interest is the apprehension that we in the land of the pure are on our way to become a nation of anglers.

Apprehend definition, to take into custody arrest by legal warrant or authority the police apprehended the burglars.

London Gazette edition 1651 for April 6th 9th 1691 with ...

The Appreh

London gazette edition 1651 for april 6th-9th 1691 with details of a proclamation for the.

Middle english apprehencioun, perception, from old french apprehension, from late latin apprehnsi, apprehnsin-, from.