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The Former

The Former

Of or in an earlier time before the present time or in the past 2.

The Former

The former definition is - the first one of two things or people that have been mentioned.

  former first appears in the 1100s, as a term equivalent to forme. It means preceding in time and can be used to describe having once, or previously, been. For example, a new employee may be introduced as jim, formerly of very big corporation, with the clear meaning that hes no longer an employee there.

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The former is a previous winner, while the latter has often come close without winning a cigar. While the former long for the past, the latter try to come to terms with their dual identity as chinese and americans.

The Former

The former definition the first or first mentioned of two distinguished from latter meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Having been so in the past a former ambassador his former boss.

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  heres a trick to remember the differences the word former means first and both begin with the letter f. Once you know that former is first, the latter part is easy.