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The Quran

The Quran

The quran is the holy book for muslims, revealed in stages to the prophet muhammad over 23 years.

The quran , also romanized quran or koran, is the central religious text of islam, believed by muslims to be a revelation from god (allah). It is widely regarded as the finest work in classical arabic literature. It is organized in 114 chapters (surah ( singular , srah)), which consist of verses (yt ( singular , yah)).

Quran in English. Clear and Easy to Read. Text, Audio ...

The Quran

Listen to the quran recitation & translation in arabic, english and urdu. This application is now available in both online & offline modes. Four popular dua books digitized and searchable containing 1000 duas (supplications) for daily use or special circumstances. Designed to be optimized for tablets, smart phones, and desktop.

We hope to make it easy for everyone to read, study, and learn the noble quran. The noble quran has many names including al-quran al-kareem, al-ketab, al-furqan, al-mawitha, al-thikr, and al-noor.

Now you can test your memorization by using the test-mode it simulates a live teacher. Quran reciter word for word memorization tool (hifz) all in one program.

  the arabic language of the quran the arabic text of the original arabic quran is identical and unchanged since its revelation in the 7th century c. About 90 percent of muslims around the world do not speak arabic as a native tongue, and there are many translations of the quran available in english and other languages.

Quran Recite & Listen Quran Online

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