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Thousands Of

Thousands Of

  tens of thousands of civilians are still missing after being detained arbitrarily during 10 years of civil war in syria, un investigators.

  a skin-crawling video has emerged which shows a young womans hair riddled with thousands upon thousands of writhing lice.

  the wife of jailed russian opposition politician alexei navalny has joined thousands of people in commemorating the anniversary of fellow putin critic boris nemtsovs murder.

Syria war: Tens of thousands of detainees still missing ...

Video, 000233 thousands of turtles rescued from texas cold.

The case of a few, several, many what do we do when we want to say several hundred(s), many thousand(s), a few million(s), and the like? The number is unspecified, so it seems we should use the plural form, but still, it is a number, which indicates the singular form.