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To Say The

To Say The

To say the least not to exaggerate, as in when the ring turned up in the lost and found, she was delighted, to say the least.

To say the least is an american game show that aired on nbc from october 3, 1977 to april 21, 1978. The show was produced by heatter-quigley productions, hosted by tom kennedy and announced by kenny williams. This was kennedys third nbc show to debut in the span of one year his first, 50 grand slam, was canceled after a 13-week run in december 1976 and was replaced by a daytime version of.

To Say The

  phrase you use that is to say or thats to say to indicate that you are about to express the same idea more clearly or precisely.

That is to say definition and meaning | Collins English ...

To vocalize ones thoughts without addressing them to anyone in particular, especially in a lowered voice or in ones mind. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between say and to.

To Say The

To state as an opinion or judgment declare i say lets eat out. To state as a determination of fact its hard to say who is right in this matter.

To say the least c1 used to show that what you are describing is in fact much more serious or important than you have suggested its going to be awkward, to say the least.

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To Say The

  to say the least definition you can use to say the least to suggest that a situation is actually much more extreme or.

To say the least definition is - used to emphasize a statement.

Said when you want to give further details or be more exact about.