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We Publish

We Publish

We want our governance and decision-making processes to be open and transparent. One way of achieving this is by publishing information and documents relating to decisions of the clsb board.

Whether its an inspirational book, romance novel, or a mystery book, we at j.

We Publish

We publish manuals and guides on a wide range of topics, from structural engineering fundamentals to eurocodes. Whether youre an author whod like to publish with us, or youre interested in a topic we dont currently cover, please contact our publications team. Some of our most popular titles include conceptual design of buildings.

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What we publish content home collections & series journals books textbooks cambridge elements publishing partners open access cambridge university press publishes a wide range of high-quality academic content across cambridge core, including leading journals, research monographs, reference works and textbooks.

In this section you will find all documents you will need as a member or employer of the lpfa. Documents relating to board and committee meetings can also be found in the board section of this site. London pensions fund authority annual climate change policy review.

  this publication scheme specifies the categories of information we routinely publish and sets out how to access that information. In accordance with the welsh language act 1993, and our commitment.

We also have a proud history of forming productive and enduring publishing relationships with learned societies, universities, and professional associations for the publication of peer-reviewed journals.

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Find specific article requirements in the information for authors guides for each journal, learn more about our commitment to publishing excellence, and follow the journey of a paper at the lancet journals. If you wish to submit a preprint, please visit our preprints page for more information.

Why must we publish information, rather than simply responding to requests? The act is designed to increase transparency. Members of the public should be able to routinely access information that is in the public interest and is safe to disclose. Also, without the publication scheme, members of the public may not know what information you have available.